The Ume (Plum Blossom) Room spaciously accommodates two and comes with an attached bathroom.

The signature feature here is the ofuro or traditional Japanese bath, which invites you to soak in its natural spring water and contemplate the view of an everchanging maple tree on one side of the machiya, and a cherry blossom tree and a stoic, evergreen pine tree on the other.

Besides inviting reflection and contemplation, the spring and autumn gardens facilitate air circulation and serenely usher light into the house.

  • Accommodates two persons
  • Rear-facing room that opens out to the spring and autumn gardens
  • Traditional futon bed with charcoal pillows, duvet & sheets
  • Attached bathroom with heated toilet seat & bidet
  • Traditional Japanese bath or ofuro
  • Internet connectivity

The 1F Suite

The 2F Suite

Take your time, feel free to visit our Matsu Room and Take Room.